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About Tarot Expert

Card Reader and there is a BIG difference on how I work with the cards and how your energies are captured by them, this is called CARTOMANCY.

Tools: Astrology, Cards
Abilities: Clairvoyant
Expertise: Love/relationships, Money/finance, Spiritual development, Career/work
Style: Inspirational

Most people think that when someone seeks esoteric insight it is because they want clarification on certain situations or people in their life. In most cases this is true, but in some cases people are just not ready for the blunt truth and these are the people that I will be talking about:
 We are all essentially on a journey, which in basic terms could be compared with school. We begin in Kindergarten and we progress through stages to reach University. We make mistakes, we learn from them. As we grow, so does our perception of the world around us. We learn to handle people and situations in different ways, we grow to understand what works for us and what impedes our progress. This is all healthy and helps us to evolve into a well rounded individual who can interact in an adult world in an effective and positive matter. However, there are certain things that impede our journey, such as abuse, neglect, coming from a poor social and economic background and conditioning from the people around us.
This conditioning can leave us feeling anything from worthless and insignificant to superior, judgemental and self-important. This is what is called an ‘entitlement junkie’.
Entitlement junkies are not always materialistic selfish people. Entitlement can be an assumption that there are certain things in life that they are ‘supposed to have’ and when they seek a psychic reading, the only thing they want to know is WHEN that will happen. WHEN they will get what they want, desire, seek, DESERVE TO HAVE!!!
This is how a psychic reading can be quickly derailed. A psychic isn’t there to reassure you that you will have what you want. A psychic is there to tell you what they see and if that doesn’t correlate with what you want then a good psychic can tell you why your desires are not materialising.
Occasionally I will read for a client, and at the end they will ‘recap’ what I have told them and end up with something that barely resembles to what we have just spent the last hour discussing. They grasp the parts that fit in with what they believe they are entitled to, and conveniently forget the parts that require them to do any work on themselves, such as giving up an obsession, or letting go of the ego-driven need to manipulate someone else's free will.
When you change the way you do things, you do it for your own good, not to coerce someone else into giving you what you want. That's not love, it's control.
The question you need to ask yourself is ‘Do I want genuine insight, or do I just want someone to tell me that I will get everything I desire within the next 6 months?’ You also need to ask yourself why, if you haven’t yet, managed to achieve your goals based on your current actions and thought patterns, that another 6 months is going to make a difference to anything.
Change comes from within, there is no quick fix, no shortcut and a reading might not always be what you were hoping to hear, but which is better? A truth you don't want to hear, or a lie?
1 – Most important rule – Stay away from any psychic, spiritualist or medium that claims you are cursed, but they may be able to help you – for an additional fee! This is an old scam, and many naïve, vulnerable people have lost a lot of money dealing with these devious imposters.
2 – Avoid a psychic, spiritualist or medium that claims to be 100% accurate. It is impossible to calculate that figure. No tool or formula exists to measure the ability of such person. This is false advertisement, as there is no hard evidence to back up their claims. This points towards deception.
3 – No psychic, spiritualist or medium should make you dependent on him or her. If a psychic makes you believe that you need to come back at a later time for more, or if they send you mail or e-mail telling you that they have important information for you, they want your money. A intuitive reading should leave you feeling empowered, not dependent. A good reading should give you direction for the next few months. Except in unsual circumstances, I discourage clients from seeing their psychic frequently or more than once per week.
4 – Keep away from any psychic, spiritualist or medium who tells you only what you want to hear. Avoid those who only tell you fairytales. Steer clear from those who only give you good news. It is painful as a reader to deliver unpleasant news to the seeker, but if a psychic is telling you that everything is fine, yet you know that things are not so good, then end the relationship with that reader. I always tell the whole truth during a reading. I always look for the positive side in every situation and try to guide my clients towards the best possible outcome, but the truth is – life is not all fairytales.
5 – Keep away from spiritualists who offer to remove curses, cast spells and perform black magic for a fee. These people are whacked and after your money. Changes in your life can only come from within YOU. I will offer you the tools and direction if you want to, but I can’t do things for you.
6 – NO ONE can tell you for sure what your future will be because your future is always changing. You are always changing. You have control of your life, how you respond to life – you make decisions, you can influence, you can change your mind, you can choose where to put your efforts, etc. An intuitive reader can “see” into your possible future by reading your energy patterns and reading the energy that is present NOW. You will change, and as YOU change, so does your future. I give readings every day in which I predict things that later come true, but it is only because the subject of the reading had the power to change it, and they did it themselves.

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Love and Light Straightforward Jós

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26 years experience

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❤❤❤❤Predictions happened❤❤❤❤Top Rated Accurate Time Frames truthful,accurate psychic readings World famous natural born psychic❤❤❤❤
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Jonathan Inspirational Jós

only 3.99 credits/min

27 years experience


Let me help you receive clarification and guidance on your current situations:
RELATIONSHIPS: Same/Opposite Sex, Virtual 
FINANCES: Employment/Career 
TIME FRAMES: (can take up to 2 minutes for each time frame)
Does he/she love me? Does he/she think of me? Will we get back together? Is he/she cheating on me? Will I find a new job? Will my career path change?
Private me for clarification on these subjects. I can help you!
You can also Private me if you just need someone to talk too and not be interrupted or having others knowing your business in free chat.

I do use Tarot Cards and also use my gifts of intuition and insight as my tools. On occasion, I also use my pendulum as well (pendulum is connected to my spirit guide for yes/no answers.)
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TruthAndLight Inspirational Jós

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17 years experience


I am blessed with the God Gift and have the experience of almost 15 years helping people who have enlightened their path through this service of mine. Please contact me with an open mind so I can connect with your energy. Life is too short and let us not waste the time on false hopes and promises.

I use my gifts to empower your guides to help you make the correct choices regarding your soulmate and relationship. I have helped thousands of people reuniting with their Lovers with my spiritual gifts and powerful prayers. I can give you names, locations and time frames with a very little information by your side. I the course of my psychic practice, I have read for the doctors, politicians, lawyers, etc and I am here to Unlock your future in Love, Wealth and Happiness.


I am a Psychic with a vision into the future using my natural tools and I have a vast experience with numerous satisfied clients all across the world.

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AngelicGuidance No tools Jós

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8 years experience


I also connect with my own Higher Self to bring my clients powerful spiritual guidance. I have had years of experience connecting with my most intuitive self to bring forth angelic messages and guidance. By developing and harnessing the power and wisdom to be had through this connection, I am able to guide my clients to their own inner wisdom and divine selves. I emphasize the personal power that is to be found in all of our spiritual centers. I offer my clients the specific guidance from their Angels that will help them become more self- empowered. 
I am also a Kundalini Reiki Master and can offer the added benefit of sending loving, healing energy to my clients to support them and augment their spiritual experience.
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Giovanna Gypsy Cards Jós

only 0.99 credits/min

43 years experience


I give Psychic Readings, Reiki Healing & Instruction with Empathy, Love, Understanding, Sincerity & Compassion!
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Jan Mystique Inspirational Jós

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21 years experience


"I love what I do and you will too!" A naturally gifted psychic, clairvoyant and clairsentient with years of experience, Jan will help guide you.