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About KindPsyshic

i am a god gifted psychic and have specializing in love relationship. With the help of my energies i can give u the answer of many questions.

Tools: No tools
Abilities: Medium
Expertise: Career/work, Money/finance, Pets/animals, Spiritual development, Deceased loved ones, Destiny/life path, Family/home, Law issues, Lost people/objects, Love/relationships
Style: Straightforward
☆ What is your specialty and how long have you been in this profession? ☆
I have over 17 years of experience now. I specialize in pretty much everything. People can ask me anything, and I mean anything. But the way it works isn't really a conscious choice on my part. I specialize mainly in love and relationships. It's rare that two true soul mates come together, but in 15 years I've had a lot of experience working with soul mates. It's not something, a conscious choice, that I make to specialize in true love and relationships. It just kind of finds me. I just find it's been my true calling in life to help beautiful people with these problems that we all go through at certain times in our lives.
☆ Do you help somebody find their soul mate or do you verify that their partner is indeed their soul mate? ☆
It's either and both. Every case is really different, completely different. Every person is different. Usually I'm confirming that someone is their soul mate and sometimes I have the difficult task of being the bearer of difficult news that someone is not their soul mate and that they have to move on and be happy in their life.
I give people the keys to unlock that happiness. Once they've unlocked the happiness within themselves, their soul mate will gravitate to them. If it's that person, then that's great, if not, then they will be able to find true happiness through themselves. True happiness is through you, not within someone else. Once you reach your peace of mind, your soul mate can come to you and that will increase happiness and the happiness will continue to grow and develop between them without end. It all comes from within and that's usually the theme of what I'm working around.
And a lot of times soul mates actually need my help. They ask me how can we be true soul mates if we're having so much difficulty and trouble? Shouldn't we come together like two puzzle pieces? In my experience, nine times out of ten, soul mates have the most difficult and turbulent time coming together because the energy is so powerful, life-changing energy and permanent, that it causes a lot of turbulence.
My calling is what comes to me. I'm totally open. I do readings about everything. I've found lost objects for people and all sorts of work like that, but what finds me mainly, and my calling, is to help people in relationships.
☆ Will you tell me more about your gifts and how you use them to help people? ☆
I'm kind of different than most psychics. When people call I don't ask for anything. I just go with what I'm getting. I get a very fast stream of visions right when they call in. I connect very well with most people; with some people the connection is much stronger.
my angel guides can bring me messages and clarity right away. My angel guides are more like my blessings. They help me decide what to do in life; to see things. Sometimes I hear actual angel whispers, information being conveyed. They are the ones who can really confirm to me if two people are true soul mates.
However, I'm much more a clairvoyant psychic medium and also a very strong empath as well. Everything I do, all my readings, really come directly from the heart. I can really feel very deeply and empathically what these people are going through. I'm a healer by nature. My main goal is to really increase people's energy and raise their vibrational frequency so they can reach their own peace of mind. That's the core of what I do: helping heal people by making them feel better about themselves so they can generate more positive energy and reach their peace of mind state.
When you reach your peace of mind state, which is your most powerful vibrational frequency, everything changes around you. That's the key to the universe opening up to abundance of all positive things that the universe is trying to give. That's when everything really most positive to your life is most drawn to you very, very powerfully and everything negative is repelled like a force field.
☆ What do you do to recharge your positivity? ☆
I try to go to the gym a few times a week. It doesn't always happen, but I try to work out and get outside. I feel like I derive a lot of my energy from the sun, so I like to go outside and get some sunlight and get recharged. I try to do happy things that bring me joy.
I'm a pretty powerfully positive force. That's just who I am and just how I wake up in the morning. I don't hold back. I try my best for everyone, for every client. By the end of the day I'm pretty tired. I find that when I sleep my angel guides recharge me through my dreams.
☆ When did you first recognize your gift? ☆
Consciously when I was 10. But I'm pretty sure it was happening before then.
Mind you, I'm not sure these were angel guides, but it was definitely a connection to the other side. When I was a kid, I'd be sleeping in my bed and I would wake up and be looking towards my door and I'd be visited by these people, like a real person standing there.
It wasn't like a hallucination. It wasn't a dream; it was like a real person standing there. I would look and I would shake my head and close my eyes, open them again and it would be gone. That was the first sign that I was connected and that something was trying to visit me.
I started getting visions of past, present and future right around that same time. Sometimes I'd have dreams about something and I'd wake up and that would happen or I'd close my eyes and have a vision of a certain person and I'd see and interact with them later that day, just little premonitions like that. When I was a kid these things were just natural and I didn't think anything about it. After many years you realize that you're being guided.
☆ Are you searching for true love?
☆ Do you feel stress of love?
☆ Are you apart with the one you love?
☆ Insecure about your loved one!
☆ Is he/she Cheating?
☆ Where is my ''Life'' going?
☆ Is that person worth of my love?
☆ Why can't my partner and I get along?
☆ Will this be a long-term relationship?
☆ What are the reasons for the sudden change in my mate?
☆ Will I be satisfied with this relationship?
☆ Is someone else involved with our problem?
☆ What caused the problem?
☆ Can we be happy together?
☆ Clarity reading 
☆ Depressed and confused about life!
☆ What can we expect in the near future?
☆ Are you just lost and do not know where to go?
☆ When will I start to have a stable happy Life?
☆ Is this a good time to change careers, jobs, lovers?
☆☆☆ My EXPERTISE ☆☆☆
☆ Clairvoyant Medium Psychic.
☆ Relationship Builder.
☆ Reunite lover.
☆ Spiritual Guidance.
☆ Spiritual Healing.
☆ Natural born Psychic.
☆ Ability to see early.
☆ Picture Reading.
☆ New age spirituality
☆ Financial Outlook.
☆ Dream Analysis.
☆ Past life reading.
☆ Cheating and affairs.
☆ Marital Life.
☆ Parents & children.
☆ Single and dating.
☆ Breaking up & divorce.
☆ Soul mate connections.
☆ Psychic Reading.

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Queen Of Spells Straightforward Jós

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47 years experience

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My spells of love, protection, banishing debt, bringing back the beloved, against betrayal, weight loss, etc., will help you find your happiness!!!! Open My Private Room and you will be another person.... I will open my magic cards and read your near future, and not only for you but also for your friends, husband, wife, kids etc., and see how we change their life in good. I'm waiting for you with pleasure. Good luck, my dear


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Mind Reader Inspirational Jós

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11 years experience

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TruthAndLight Inspirational Jós

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17 years experience


I am blessed with the God Gift and have the experience of almost 15 years helping people who have enlightened their path through this service of mine. Please contact me with an open mind so I can connect with your energy. Life is too short and let us not waste the time on false hopes and promises.

I use my gifts to empower your guides to help you make the correct choices regarding your soulmate and relationship. I have helped thousands of people reuniting with their Lovers with my spiritual gifts and powerful prayers. I can give you names, locations and time frames with a very little information by your side. I the course of my psychic practice, I have read for the doctors, politicians, lawyers, etc and I am here to Unlock your future in Love, Wealth and Happiness.


I am a Psychic with a vision into the future using my natural tools and I have a vast experience with numerous satisfied clients all across the world.

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AngelicGuidance No tools Jós

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8 years experience


I also connect with my own Higher Self to bring my clients powerful spiritual guidance. I have had years of experience connecting with my most intuitive self to bring forth angelic messages and guidance. By developing and harnessing the power and wisdom to be had through this connection, I am able to guide my clients to their own inner wisdom and divine selves. I emphasize the personal power that is to be found in all of our spiritual centers. I offer my clients the specific guidance from their Angels that will help them become more self- empowered. 
I am also a Kundalini Reiki Master and can offer the added benefit of sending loving, healing energy to my clients to support them and augment their spiritual experience.
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Giovanna Gypsy Cards Jós

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43 years experience


I give Psychic Readings, Reiki Healing & Instruction with Empathy, Love, Understanding, Sincerity & Compassion!
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Jan Mystique Inspirational Jós

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21 years experience


"I love what I do and you will too!" A naturally gifted psychic, clairvoyant and clairsentient with years of experience, Jan will help guide you.